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As a specialist in company transformation, we help clients improve their internal efficiency by supporting major transformation projects.
We work with company managers during transformation projects, helping them to:
  • Determine the type of transformation needed in line with corporate objectives and development strategy
  • Design the new corporate architecture, formalise organisational and IS alignment of these objectives, and organise governance over time
  • Run the transformation project and introduce change into the company
  • Manage company performance before and after transformation by deploying business intelligence and corporate performance management tools.    

Alignment phase services:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IS Strategic alignment
  • Development and governance strategy
  • Opportunity studies
  • Solution selection
  • Organisation restructuring
  • Analytical management model definition
Project phase services:
  • Project structuring
  • Running and supervising the transformation process
  • Implementing a PMO
  • PM assistance
  • Architecture for decision-making
  • Supporting change management programmes
We were one of the first consultancies to tackle company IS in a structured manner based on Enterprise Architecture.
Enterprise Architecture is the key component of a company's governance process and IS, and provides a framework for understanding an IS's many interactions. It makes it possible to achieve rapid gains, particularly if the process is taken into account during the IS design phase to enhance flexibility and performance.
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