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AMUE relies on SAP Enable Now for its E-learning production with BAW

Le 28 November 2022


Mission : Implementing the right tools to develop an e-learning offer  



Business Expertise: Leading the transformation of the company

Industry: Public Sector 


The agency for the mutualisation of universities and higher education or research establishments is a public interest grouping (GIP). It offers its members 16 collaborative software packages in 4 areas: HR, finance, training and research.

260 training courses are offered to approximately 2000 trainees. 


As part of its digital transformation, the AMUE would like to offer an e-learning training program to make it easier to enter the job market, provide information on recurring operations, carry out the necessary pre-requisites for face-to-face training at a distance, etc.



  • Assistance in mastering SAP E.N. On Premise 

Technical implementation: technical scoping, drafting of implementation procedures, verification of technical prerequisites, etc.

Functional implementation: functional scoping, workshops to collect parameters and draw up production rules – authorization guidelines

Training of the entire project team: authors and functional administrators


  • Support for eLearning production

Assistance in the development of the training course: creation of summaries and storyboards 

Help with the production of e-Learning: templates, animated and interactive pages, quizzes, tutorials, exercises, tests, operating procedures 

Assistance with the integration of e-Learning in the Moodle LMS (SCORM standard) 


Mission Duration: 5 months


Challenge : Empower teams to create their next e-learning project 


Results : 

  • Validation by the representative bodies of the members’ business sector functions of the strategy of diversifying the AMUE’s training offer with eLearning
  • The 10 pilot learners approved the SIFAC eLearning (SAP GUI) during the test phase 
  • Trained teams who took control of the SAP Enable Now solution and produced 3 eLearnings: SIFAC (SAP ECC Finances), SIHAM (HR Access) and EVRP (internal application) during the year of our mission

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