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For a Supply Chain in alignment with the company’s strategy, efficient, agile and resilient, digitalized Operations, serving the CSR policy, and integrating the value of your supplier networks.

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Direction des Opérations Supply Chain Business At Work


Direction des Opérations Supply Chain Business At Work

Transform your Supply Chain & Operations to develop competitive advantages

  • Develop competitive advantages
  • Contributing to environmental and social policy
  • Develop agility and resilience
  • Meet increasingly flexible customer/consumer demands
  • Comply with increasing and varied regulatory requirements in different markets
  • Convey product information to customers and consumers
  • Secure and apply sourcing
  • Facilitate integration into upstream & downstream value / supply chain
  • Contain the cost of operations
  • Manage increasing product complexity
  • Attract and retain talent


How can your supply chain enable you to develop competitive advantages, including contributing to your corporate CSR policy?

BAW uses its expertise and business and technological skills to inform your choices and support the transformation of your Operations from end-to-end.


Supply chain and operations managers have to rely on increasingly sophisticated and efficient supply networks to meet the growing need for performance, resilience and efficiency.

New technologies must allow proper orchestration of your networks. BAW builds solutions with you that guarantee sustainable and efficient responses. We combine talents and technologies corresponding to your needs, with the aim of optimising your processes and information systems.

Digital Factory

To improve their value chains and their efficiency, Business & IT departments must mobilize the digital asset. Combined with large software solutions, new technologies allow the development of improved and personalised services with high added value.

But how do you find your way around? How do you make the best choices in a digital world where everything moves very fast and options abound? How can we engage in POC/POVs, and even allow ourselves to fail, as long as they bring value?

And how to go fast and well, guaranteeing a high level of realisation, operability and maintainability?

Our Digital Factory brings together all the skills, both in terms of solutions and approach, and its multidisciplinary experts are there to support you at every stage of your digital projects, without ever losing sight of the use value of your projects.

Best value for money, in an agile and structured development framework.

Digital Factory

Our business case studies

Each customer is a new adventure. Our customers trust us to advise and support them on complex issues.

Do you have a supply chain transformation project ?

  • Supply Chain Strategy & Operations
  • Demand Driven Transformation
  • Operations’ Digitalization
  • Operational Performance
  • Circular Supply Chain
  • Traceability & Serialisation
  • Supplier Collaboration


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