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SAP S/4HANA, Accelerate your Digital Transformation!

Le 21 November 2023

We no longer need to introduce SAP S/4HANA, but are you sure that you have fully grasped the transformative potential it represents for the entire company ?

Much more than a simple evolution, SAP S/4HANA marks a technological break that serves all company functions. Created in 2015 (yes, it’s been 8 years already!), its motto is: simplification! Simplification of data access, system landscapes, data models, and user experience. But concretely, what changes?


A change in philosophy

With ECC, SAP’s on-premise offering, major changes occur with version upgrades. With its Cloud offering, SAP has decided to accelerate the pace and to offer to its users constant innovation. More frequent innovation means better adaptation to regulatory requirements and to the evolution of users’ needs !

But that’s not all! Those regular innovations also help users to adopt new features much faster, instilling a dynamic of change within the company.


The entire company becomes Data-Driven

By reworking the technical foundation of data management and user experience, all essential data for each activity is accessible in a personalized dashboard, in real-time.

This marks the end of outdated information at the time of decision-making and, above all, a good opportunity to adapt to a changing economic context!


Business Technology Platform: Automation without compromising ERP

In the past, to automate certain analyses, ERP had to be customized: it was perfect at the time, but it complicated version upgrades. But that was before!

Now, customizations are made on the Business Technology Platform and are no longer impacted by version upgrades. It represents a good opportunity to automate low-value tasks and focus on the most important tasks at all levels of the company.

In June, BAW organized a webinar with SAP: SAP, Innovation Serving Business Processes. Watch the replay now (Language available: French)


Everyone benefits!


Here are some examples to illustrate:

1. Finance – The Closing Cockpit

The hassle of closing is over! By automating some monthly closing tasks, it is 4 to 5 times faster than traditionally.

2. Sales Administration – Reducing Order Entry Effort

It is now possible for ERP to integrate orders directly from received emails. It can also handle sending messages when information is missing. The result? Much faster processing.

3. Supply Chain – Simplified DDMRP

Evolution in the Supply Chain means evolution of tools. SAP S/4HANA integrates the implementation of the DDMRP method as well as warehouse automation and options to improve warehouse management.


Business At Work, SAP Partner for over 15 years and expert in Digital Innovation around SAP

Created in 2000, Business At Work supports you on your journey to SAP S/4HANA, thanks to our technical and functional experts mastering all business domains.

With JumpToS/4, BAW provides you an end-to-end solution with a unique migration program on the market.

As a SAP partner for over 15 years, BAW helps its customers to get the most out of SAP’s offering to drive their digital transformation, delivering value to their users in service of the business.

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