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We work with business organisations to optimise processes and structures, select and implement technologies that generate value and enhance performance.

Our Technology Partners



We are one of the first consulting firms to approach corporate change in a structured and coordinated manner, across all its dimensions:

  • Business processes and rules
  • Data and its exploitation
  • Organisational models
  • User integration
  • Information systems

Support for business departments

We assist business departments decisions and structure transformation and development projects.

  • Identify business expectations, improvement issues and expected benefits

  • Define the alignment scheme for strategy, business lines, organisations and the information system

  • Optimise processes and choose good business practices

  • Choosing technological solutions that deliver value and performance

  • Define organisational changes

  • Informing decisions and providing the necessary visibility to General Management

  • Setting up and organising projects

Our Approach

The change linked to a company’s business environement represents a major challenge for company managers.

The challenge is not just to change, but to learn to change.

  • How do you understand your environment and formulate your strategy in response?

  • How can organisational resources be aligned with business strategy?

  • What business practices should be implemented to achieve the company's objectives?

  • What are the impacts of the changes on human resources, organisations, skills and daily practices?

  • How to implement a culture of improvement and change that is flexible enough to adapt to market uncertainties?

Our business case studies

Each customer is a new adventure. Our customers trust us to advise and support them on complex issues.

Do you have a transformation project ?

BAW can support your teams in adopting new, more resilient, agile and responsible practices.



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Business Expertise

As an inevitable consequence of dematerialisation and digital innovation, managers are digitalising to improve processes and adapt to the market.

BAW can support you in your positioning in order to prioritise your projects and build a long-term vision for your company.

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