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Business At Work can help you transform and optimise your organisations, information systems and operational performance, against the context of major change, the pace of which is constantly accelerating.

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The distribution and transport sectors are undergoing major changes, the pace of which is constantly accelerating :

  • Globalisation and the resulting evolution of organisational and operational models;
  • Constantly changing regulatory constraints;
  • Demographic, economic and social changes;
  • Concentration of players;
  • Increasingly rapid change in end-consumer expectations.
A Propos des leviers majeurs Transport Distribution et Logistique

A need for constant optimisation of Operational Performance

Such an environment requires a constant optimisation of operational performance traditionally focused the integrated Supply Chain with the company’s partners.

Improvement of commercial performance and organizational and management model enhancements also contribute to cost reduction, necessary to remain competitive.

The major drivers for addressing these transformations include :

  • Control of standardised processes

  • Implementing Integrated IT

  • Improving customer knowledge and satisfaction

  • Optimising the operational efficiency of support functions

  • The ability to build flexibility and scalability into the company's structures and information system



For over 20 years, Business At Work has been helping its clients to transform and improve their management performance through a combination of business and IT expertise. BAW can mobilizes its know-how and business and technological expertise to inform your choices and support the transformation of your Operations from start to finish.

As a specialist in the major ERP platforms, our work in the field of Distribution, Transport and Logistics covers :

  • Modernisation, Globalisation and Industrialisation of IS
  • “Make” or “Buy” or “Lease”
  • Support for IT strategy in the Cloud era
  • Improvement of management performance
  • Development and implementation of a 360° HR/HRIS approach
  • Supply Chain and Operations Transformation

Our business case studies

Each customer is a new adventure. Our customers trust us to advise and support them on complex issues.

Do you have a

transformation project in your organisation ?

Business At Work can support your teams in the integration of new, more resilient, agile and responsible practices:

  • Demand Driven, OP&S
  • AMOA, change management​
  • Lean, process optimisation, KPI​
  • Traceability, serialisation



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Business Expertise

As an inevitable consequence of dematerialisation and digital innovation, managers are digitalising to improve processes and adapt to the market.

BAW can support you in your positioning in order to prioritise your projects and build a long-term vision for your company.

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