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Operations and Supply Chain Management

What does

DDMRP mean ? 

DDMRP is a structured, multi-level planning and delivery methodology designed to protect and encourage relevant information flow by creating and managing buffer stocks at strategically located sites.

Implementing a DDMRP-based supply chain is not a cure-all, but it can significantly improve business performance.

Supply Chain Management
  • Consumer needs change rapidly
  • Demand is variable and uncertain, and difficult to predict
  • Supply chains have become complex: they are now more like networks than chains, and have a global dimension
  • Planners spend their time making and breaking plans and dealing with emergencies.

Conventional methods (MRP, MRP2) were designed in the 1950s, in an economic context where demand was greater than supply. They are no longer suited to today’s SC.

Operational Planning
  • Reconciles and takes advantage of proven practices (Lean, Six Sigma, MRP theory of constraints, DRP) while introducing necessary innovation to the current context
  • Flows are driven by real demand
  • These practices are applied to the entire supply chain: supply, production, distribution
  • They apply to all planning horizons, from strategic to operational.

Demand-driven methods create an agile system that protects and accelerates inventory. Operational management is collaborative and intuitive.

Corporate performance
  • Utilisation rates increase (>97%)
  • Lead times are shortened
  • Inventory is optimised
  • Supply chain costs are reduced.



The proven results of demand-driven techniques are not always sufficient to launch a pilot or initiate a large-scale deployment:

  • 50 years of disrupted practices
  • Multiple decision-makers to bring on board
  • IT investments to be made
  • A portfolio of supply chain projects to be revisited.

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