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Our extensive knowledge of different management solutions and ability to integrate information systems enable us to respond to your most complex management issues.

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The combination of our knowledge of your business processes and technical expertise in deployed solutions enables us to provide you with maximum value.

Our proven implementation processes and methodologies enable us to significantly reduce the time and cost of deploying solutions.

This allows us to allocate the necessary resources to a key element of the project’s success: namely, support for change and employee ownership of deployed solutions.


  • Design and implement Information Systems based on leading ERP systems such as IFS, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP

  • Design and implement Information Systems based on BI and EPM solutions such as Anaplan, Microsoft Power BI or Tableau Software

  • Design and implement Information Systems based on specialised or customised business solutions.

Our Approach

Our priority is to design and implement management solutions to help improve your performance.

To achieve this, we capitalise on a sustained investment policy.

Our various partnerships with leading editors give us a major advantage in a highly competitive market.

Whether we are involved in project management assistance or project management, our approach is focused on processes and takes a global three-dimensional view of information systems:

  • Processes: Business flows

  • Human Resources: Operational organisation

  • Systems: Application and technology tools

Our business case studies

Each customer is a new adventure. Our customers trust us to advise and support them on complex issues.

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To help you in your Digital Transformation, we have selected the best editors on the market, recognised for the relevance, quality and durability of their solutions.



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As an inevitable consequence of dematerialisation and digital innovation, managers are digitalising to improve processes and adapt to the market.

BAW can help you in your positioning in order to prioritise your projects and build a long-term vision for your company.

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