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“Cloudisation” of the Information System

Le 15 December 2022

Cloudisation of the Information System

Your Issues

Rationalisation of digital investments, control of IT costs, improvement of the customer experience: these are the main objectives that you set for the digitalisation of your information system.

You also want to promote and spread a permanent innovation approach: dematerialisation, data and decision-making systems, Internet of Things, predictive analysis, etc. and benefit from better information system agility:

  • Shift from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Rapid application deployment (continuous integration, DevOps)
  • Reduction of complexity and upgrade times

Cloud Computing is a formidable tool for accelerating the modernisation of your information system, and more importantly, its digital transformation, by promising short delivery schedules, more efficient budget management and an almost instantaneous capacity to adapt.

In this context, the migration of your information system to the Cloud is a real opportunity to increase the operational performance of your organisation and the agility of your IS.

As such, Cloudisation the of your IS must be carried out in a progressive, sequenced and planned manner.


Our Offer Cloud Strategy and Trajectory of your Information System

You are convinced that the cloud is an opportunity to improve the performance of your organisation and accelerate the agility of your I.S., in order to take full advantage of your digital investments. Business At Work will help you to formalise your “Cloud” roadmap:

  • Eligibility of applications
  • Prioritisation of application scopes
  • Costing of portability work
  • Implementation of financial management systems (FinOps)
  • Project planning and management


Our Cloud Migration Project Deployment Assistance Offer

Your Cloud strategy has been formalised and you have identified the applications and infrastructure to be progressively migrated to the Cloud. Business At Work, in its role as project management assistant, assists you in the effective implementation of your new application architecture and the scheduling of the various switchover operations:

  • Assistance in the choice of host: specifications, tender documents, selection, recommendation
  • Implementation of governance with the provider
  • Implementation of consumption monitoring and invoicing
  • Operational management of hosted production


Our Offer to Assist in the Financial Management of Scope in Cloud Mode

Your IS is already hosted in part by one or more hosting providers, in parallel with internal production. The multi-cloud mode (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) generates unforeseen costs that are difficult to control. You wish to continue to benefit from the promise of Cloud mode: IS agility at lower costs.

Your expectation of Business At Work will be :

  • Support in the analysis of the situation: IT perimeters per host, analysis of contracts, analysis of invoicing, assessment of the situation
  • Implementation of quick wins: measures to bring additional costs under control and easy-to-implement reduction measures
  • Define the need for tools to analyse and manage actions on the hybrid cloud perimeter for production and project management, drafting a call for tenders, selection and recommendation
  • Assistance with implementation: definition of the analytical model, parameterisation, change management
  • Project management

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