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BAW mobilises the best of today’s technology to conceptualise, realise and operate specific technological responses and thus increase your performance tenfold.

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The ‘fail fast’ rule has become prevalent with digital transformation: to find out the added value of an idea, extensive testing and incremental development are encouraged.

For these reasons, POCs (Proof Of Concept) and POVs (Proof of Value) have multiplied over the last few years, making it possible to quickly test the directions taken to adjust them, freeing oneself from infrastructure’s problems and the implementation of complex information systems.



Our innovation approach allows you to capitalise on technology and business expertise to put your needs at the heart of your applications. BAW supports you from the creation of the roadmap to the end-to-end implementation and operation.

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Each client is a new adventure. Our clients trust us to advise and support them on complex issues.

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BAW can support your teams in the integration of new, more resilient, agile and responsible practices.





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Business Expertise

As an inevitable consequence of dematerialisation and digital innovation, managers are digitalising to improve processes and adapt to the market.

BAW can support you in your positioning in order to prioritise your projects and build a long-term vision for your company.

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