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BAW’s digital experts support the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food sector businesses succeed in a complex and changing environment, facing increasing pressures, risks and challenges.

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The industrial sector has integrated transformation and the constant search for excellence and innovation as major survival criteria in an environment where competitive and regulatory pressures, operational and financial risks, and social and environmental issues have intensified.

The Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food sectors are experiencing major changes, the pace of which is constantly accelerating:

  • Players’ concentration on certain stages of their value chain
  • Increased product customization and shorter product lifecycles
  • Increasing regulatory constraints
  • Distribution channels’ increase
  • Increased demand volatility and new consumer behavior
  • Consideration of CSR requirements needed in all activities
  • Response to product traceability expectations
  • Attracting talent and developing increasingly specialized skills.
In this context, the improvement of operational performance has become a major objective of competitiveness. In such a context, business practices, organizational development and digital information systems and technologies have become critical.



To effectively support clients, we intervene at all stages of the optimization of their operational performance:

From upstream consulting, organizational design, process optimization, to the implementation of effective and proven management solutions, coupled with the possibility of taking full or partial responsibility for the operation of these solutions.

To this end, Business at Work has been deploying high-level expertise in the various business areas and technologies for 20 years, to improve performance and innovation.

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We help clients by placing experts with them to support them on a range of issues:

  • Business and Information System Master Plan, definition of transformation roadmaps
  • Reduction of product lead times
  • Organization and management of transformation projects
  • Building an agile and resilient supply chain
  • Process modelling and optimization (Lean Management)
  • Business process digitalization
  • Change management at all levels of the company

Our business case studies

Each customer is a new adventure. Our customers trust us to advise and support them on complex issues.

Do you have a

transformation project ?

Business At Work can support your teams in adopting new, more resilient, agile and responsible practices:

  • Demand Driven, OP&S
  • AMOA, change management, choice of solutions
  • Lean, process optimisation, KPIs
  • Traceability, serialisation



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Business Expertise

As an inevitable consequence of dematerialisation and digital innovation, managers are digitalising to improve processes and adapt to the market.

BAW can support you in your positioning in order to prioritise your projects and build a long-term vision for your company.

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