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With innovative, high-performance and sustainable solutions, BAW helps CIOs to develop their operational models towards more agility, transparency and power.

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How can digital technology and innovation be integrated throughout the company, combining cost rationalisation, adaptability and performance, within the context of company’s CSR? What are the features of efficient Information System governance? When to buy, manufacture or lease technological solutions ? When and how to outsource skills and services ? 

The scope of Information Systems is constantly expanding. The IT Department has thus become an essential element for the success of business transformation. Supporting this transformation also means facing major social and environmental upheavals, with new digital ecosystems relying on technological skills and trusted partnerships.

Performance improvement

We drive change to ensure the optimal alignment of your operational processes with the development strategy defined by your management.

Technological Innovation & IS Vision

We have an in-depth knowledge of all the information systems that we share with our clients. This enables us to advise on evolutionary paths, to guarantee the feasibility of changes and make best use of innovations embedded in your ecosystem.

Skills, agility and coordination

We deploy the best project and programme management techniques to help you to manage your actions. We guarantee better decision-making thanks to a better visibility of risks and project progress.

Sustainability of results

We set up the conditions for a sustainable change dynamic by organising the “after project” and providing tools for continuous improvement (Lean 6 Sigma, BPM).

Change management at all levels

We are at all the crossroads of IT and business operations, thus guaranteeing optimal take up of changes.

Our staff expertise

Our consultants have commercial operational experience. They also benefit from in-house certification training courses. This guarantees the quality and pragmatism of our support.


BAW’s expertise combines a deep understanding of innovative technologies with invaluable business experience to help you create new products and services that meet the needs of your internal and external customers.

Our case studies

Each client is a new adventure. Our clients trust us to advise and support them in complex issues. Here are a few of the most significant of our client cases, which are based on our most advanced expertise.

Do you have an IT

transformation project ?

BAW can support your teams integrate new ways to be more resilient, agile and responsible i:

  • IS roadmap
  • Organisation and sizing of the IT department
  • Application strategy 
  • Digital best practice



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