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We are aware of our social and economic impact and aims to be a responsible company by integrating improvement of the quality of life of our employees and respect for the environment into the way we plan to develop.

About BAW

We are commited!

Discover the four pillars of our CSR: Social, environmental, associative and ethical.

Our Philosophy

Solidarity, human capital, diversity, digital transformation, sources of innovation and performance accelerators are built into the four pillars of our CSR.

CSR Commitments 


Our organisational culture promotes social cohesion by respecting individuals at all levels: layout of work spaces, development of internal communication, access to training, the fight against discrimination or the implementation of solidarity projects.


Business at Work seeks to save and conserve natural resources by changing raw material consumption or production processes.


Business At Work includes its CSR commitment the support of several associations by encouraging its employees to participate in charity races for example. These investments are fully supported by Business At Work, thus helping to finance the various causes defended by these actions.


Ethics is the real pillar of corporate social responsibility. It allows to achieve the accountability, transparency and sustainability it seeks to build.

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