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RISE with SAP with BAW

Le 05 May 2022

Today everything is fast paced and companies need to work more agile, more efficient and smarter to compete.
It’s no longer about migrating to the cloud or implementing a reporting solution. To stand out from the crowd, companies need to integrate a true paradigm shift, which means tackling business processes and making them more efficient and resilient through new technologies.
To encourage and help companies succeed in this transformation, SAP has devised a new global approach by building a Business Transformation As a Service offering called RISE with SAP.
It is a set of products, tools and services around the core solution, S/4HANA, that answer the needs of customers to make their business a successful one.


What is the RISE with SAP offer ?

Rise with SAP is SAP’s “all-in-one” S/4HANA Cloud commercial offering, based on a single subscription contract supported by SAP. It is also a packaged offering based on the SAP S/4HANA foundation and encompasses many SAP products, including access to Business Process Intelligence, SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Business Network tools.

The core of the offer is based on S/4HANA Cloud. SAP offers 2 solutions 

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public for Net New Name customers or existing ECC6 customers who want a GreenField approach and a process transformation. In this version the backend is not modifiable and not customizable. If needed, customisation is done via the SAP Fiori Apps
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private is designed for existing ECC6 customers who want to keep their investment and do not want to upgrade their processes. NetNewName can also choose this solution if they want to extend the functions of their ERP.
Rise includes hosting the SAP landscape at major hyperscalers

  • The customer chooses the hyperscaler that will host its landscape between AWS, AZURE, GCP, SAP CLOUD
Automated migration tools

  • Readiness Check : Preparation for migration
  • Custom Code Analyser : Checking specific code
SAP BPI combines a suite of solutions for business process performance analysis and management (Design, Test, Simulation, Documentation)  

  • SAP Process Insights
  • Suite SAP Signavio (process mining)
Rise gives you access to the SAP Business Platform through CPEA Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement Credits

  • Enriching S/4HANA by integrating SAP or third-party applications
  • Leverage applications for analytics (SAP SAC, BW/4HANA), data management (SAP Master Data Governance)
  • Access intelligent technologies such as SAP Robotic Process Automation, SAP IoT…
Digitalising connections with business partners

  • ARIBA Network
  • SAP Asset Intelligence Network (IoT)
  • Logitics Business Network : Carrier Collaboration Portal (only available on S/4 Private Cloud)


Value proposition of the offer


An offer adapted to your objectives and challenges

Several approaches will be possible to meet your challenges and objectives.  With the flexibility of Rise with SAP, you will be able to integrate with the solution at the desired pace while ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

  • « Soft Migration: Your infrastructure is coming to the end of its life and you choose the cloud and a conversion to S/4HANA to benefit from its contributions. You wish to carry out a functional perimeter migration and plan the integration of the innovative tools that are part of the Rise solution over time
  • « Complex Migration: You need to implement new business processes, optimise your processes and implement tools that will bring you real added value.
  • Security & Cloud Migration : You want to increase the security and availability of your IS. Your objective is to benefit from the high level of security offered by hyperscalers and to take advantage of SAP’s experience in the technical maintenance of the SAP landscape.


Comprehensive support

BAW will help you, thanks to its holistic expertise, to adopt the best approach by accompanying you in your reflections and by defining the most suitable trajectory for your environment, your business needs and your challenges.

    • Advice & Support
        • Strategic alignments and trajectories
        • Definition of your implementation strategy
        • Advice on the choice of your hyperscaler (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
        • Support for training through our Enable Now expertise
    • ERP integration expertise
        • Implementation of the solution
        • User training
        • Support Non-regression tests
    • Technical and functional expertise
        • TMA
        • Data volume optimization
        • Application monitoring


Par Clément Lecaplain, Porteur de l'Offre Rise with SAP chez BAW
By Clément Lecaplain, Rise with SAP Offer Manager at BAW
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