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Business Intelligence (BI) Tools Offer

Le 06 December 2022, par Notre Expert BAW

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools Offer

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« Business Intelligence » (BI), is associated with almost all of the company’s operational processes:

  • Individual user decision making based on data analysis
  • Collective processes based on the publication of standard reports
  • Monitoring processes combining past analysis, future projection and gap analysis
  • Automated predictions based on internal and external data, assisting users in their decision making

In this context, the challenges are both organisational and technical:

  • Define and map uses, tools and data sources
  • Ensure real and unbiased use of available tools
  • Limit shadow IT
  • Promote data quality, the basis of all good analysis
  • Ensure the sustainability of investments by promoting reusability

The BI market today provides rapid operational components, taking advantage of recent feedback and the current state of technology. It is important to exploit and make optimal use of the solutions available on the market in line with the needs and challenges of the company.


Our Offer

  1. Tool-based analysis of decision-making processes, in particular for publishers: SAP / Business Objects, Oracle, Microsoft.
  2. Mapping of existing assets, processes and needs, by sector :
    • Reporting (operational, institutional)
    • Managing (budgetary, HR, supply chain, etc.)
    • Business modelling and analysis
    • Simulations and forecasts
    • Opportunities to use “machine learning” and artificial intelligence
  3. Help in choosing solution(s) :
    • Selection files
    • Facilitation of POC(s) (“Proof of Concepts”)
    • Pilot phases
  4. Full implementation of the proposed solutions :
    • Solution delivery
    • Architecture
    • Creation of parameters, data recovery and permanent data supply
    • Deployment
    • Change management
    • MCO management: environments, maintenance methods

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