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Data Strategy and Business Intelligence

Le 05 December 2022

Data Strategy and Business Intelligence

State of the Environment and Challenges

The notion of data-driven within companies is now taking on an important, if not mandatory, role. A data-driven company is a company that is “data-driven” and that relies on data analysis to make its decisions. This notion takes on its full meaning with the evolution of data both in terms of quantity and complexity.

Business Intelligence is a result of this development, and has also evolved in recent years. In the past, Business Intelligence required physical constraints, such as storage space, and did not allow for immediate interaction with the data.

« Modern BI » is now self-service, cloud-based and accessible anywhere, and moreover, physical constraints are no longer present and computing power is constantly increasing.


Companies are making the right choice to integrate BI solutions in order to improve their performance because these solutions offer a range of functionalities that are dedicated to making the company more efficient, effective and optimal.

However, as the use of data is constantly evolving, certain functionalities had to adapt in order not to become obsolete. A good example is Data Warehousing , which has seized the opportunity to migrate to the Cloud, in order to expand its catalogue of functionalities. This has also enabled data warehousing to avoid the constraints of physical infrastructures.

Business Intelligence is diversifying and has taken the opportunity at the right time with the rise of Machine Learning and Artificielle Intelligence. These techniques are increasingly integrated into BI solutions, notably Power BI, which integrates “AI Insights”, “Azure Cognitive Services” and other numerous functionalities linked to Azure.

These “hybrid” processes are very powerful because they couple the rules of Business Intelligence which are more focused on data management, with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Business intelligence solutions, namely Power BI, complete these processes with state-of-the-art visualisations.


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