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Master’s Degree in Enterprise Management and Enterprise Services Bus

Le 14 December 2022

Master Management Enterprise (MDM) and Enterprise Services Bus (ESB)

Your Issues

Master Data Management (MDM) enables the storage, maintenance, distribution and enforcement of a complete, reliable and up-to-date view of master data within an information system, regardless of communication channels, industry or business subdivisions. The management of master data, because it underpins the entire information system, has become a crucial issue in all organisations.

However, master data management is more than data and processes. It depends on the alignment and level of collaboration between the business and IT, both of which are essential to optimise the value of MDM. The business needs to lead the implementation and use of master data management to ensure it is aligned with its core strategic goals and directions.


There are two main situations in which MDM solutions are often implemented :         

  • On the other hand, the merger of companies or large departments, which require the rapid integration of two previously independent information systems in order to ensure continuity of services
  • On the other side, a requirement to store and manage complex repositories (structure or volume): the question of the synchronisation of IS using these repositories is not always fully addressed

Although a significant accelerator in the use of IS, MDM still remains confidential.

Although the associated software landscape is extremely vast (but now stabilised), it should not obscure the fact that the MDM project is first and foremost a functional project that requires the convergence of the various businesses.

MDM is a powerful accelerator for optimising your IS. Although the associated software landscape is extremely vast, it should not be forgotten that any MDM project is first and foremost a functional project in one of the prerequisites and the convergence of the various businesses. The ESB project, a vector for the industrialisation of exchange flows, is often managed in parallel with the MDM project.


Our Offers

Conduct a critical review of repositories :

  • List, usage, location, master systems, exchange and synchronisation flows
  • Content analysis: completeness, redundancies/overlaps and associated matching rules, gaps, data quality issues (…)

To propose targeted solutions illustrated by very quick POCs:

  • Choice of software suited to the context (volume, business and financial issues) within a plethoric landscape
  • Implementation in a few days on real data

Produce a shared dictionary of repositories :

  • Support for an optimised collection procedure
  • Management of a common rule and taking into account local business specificities

Help in choosing an MDM platform

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