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Influence SAP innovation with « Customer Influence & Adoption »

Le 04 March 2022

Influence SAP innovation with « Customer Influence & Adoption »

« Customer Influence & Adoption » programme offers customers and partners the opportunity to quickly influence SAP software developments through a system of improvement suggestions and online voting.

Benefits of the programme

All SAP customers can join this programme through their account (S-User, P-user…) or by creating a new account with their business address.

« Customer Influence & Adoption » programme has a twofold benefit for members :

  • On the one hand, it allows customers to make requests for improvements that will directly impact their business in a positive way, and thus improve their performance in the short, medium and long term. Indeed, these improvements respond to a request from them due to a specific need.
  • On the other hand, by voting for other customers’ suggestions, they can also benefit from ideas they would not have had before.

How the programme works

A simple registration allows each customer to submit enhancement requests to the development team, and to vote for already proposed enhancements.

Enhancements added to the forum are categorised by SAP software. This way, customers can easily find all the requests that have already been made for the software they are interested in. Customers have access to both current requests, which they can vote on, and requests that have been approved by the development team.

The principle of adding and voting is similar for all software. Once an enhancement proposal is made by a member, a minimum of 10 votes is required for it to be suggested to the SAP development team. Once an idea is deemed viable and useful, it enters the software improvement process. This process is cyclical and enhancements are incorporated twice a year.

The dates of the different enhancement cycles depend on the software! For example, the next date for SAP Enable Now is 15 June 2021 !


Detailed presentation of the programme : here
Access the programme : here

Access the Enable Now programme  : here
Click on the “register” button if you do not have an SAP account

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