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Participative Innovation

Le 14 December 2022

Innovation Participative

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Participative innovation is a management method that aims to bring out, collect and implement ideas from different stakeholders within the company. Whether it is a question of real innovations or simpler improvements, each employee can become an actor of change.

But it is not simply a matter of collecting ideas. The major challenge lies in the exploitation, arbitration and implementation of the ideas collected.

In this context, the implementation of a participatory innovation management system is a guarantee of value creation for the organisation.

New generations of digital tools with powerful features are changing the game radically. They now make it possible to collect and process these ideas in a few clicks, in a way that no suggestion box has ever allowed: by going all the way to the implementation of that idea.


Our Offer

Business At Work supports you in the choice and implementation of your participative innovation management system within your organisation.

The choice of tool is crucial as it is the backbone of your innovation process.

This tool should be simultaneously :

  • A single, shared repository for all ideas, projects and action plans
  • A collaborative platform to facilitate, ease and organise the involvement of all stakeholders
  • A management tool to manage the different systems over time and thus benefit from automated reporting.

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